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I decided to start this concept called #artistpotlight where i will be posting tracks/videos made with my beats and that i feel are worthy of more exposure.

This time you will get to meet ShaadMusic from California

ShaadMusic started making music as a way to get his thoughts out in the open. His goal is to speak to people through his music while doing it in an appealing way to keep the listener engaged. This Hip Hop artist doesn’t limit himself to any genre of music. ShaadMusic has been inspired by Chris Brown and Andre 3000 because of their diversity and has goals of one day accomplishing that same role. ShaadMusic also realizes how much of an influence that hip hop artists have on the African American community and feels that artists should do more for their community. Not only does ShaadMusic want to break into the music industry, ShaadMusic wants to change the world.

ShaadMusic – Here Goes Nothing (prod. by AfterTone Beats)

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